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So nice to take your four paws friend along with you!!!

Here at the Fattoria Poggialberi your dog is free to run around and if friendly toward other dogs can play with Lapo, Menta and Brigitta. I ask dog-owners to simply abide by those rules which safeguard the enjoyment of all the guests and respect their boundaries.

In addition, if for a day you’d like to go to the beach by yourselves or get around and visit museums or other places where pets are not allowed, the nearby Centro Cinofilo Grifodog, offers day boarding from 8 AM to 8 PM with professionally trained staff onsite.

Serenella and myself will take care personally of your pet the whole day and your dog will enjoy a large space, rest in a box kennel and interact with other dogs
You can also book a basic training class, or agility training, or a recreational or rehabilitation swimming class in the pool of the Center.
A 10% discount on the services offered by the Center is available for my guests.

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